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    Stock speed of 150 Speedster 155HP

    Anybody with a 07 Speedster 150 155p can tell me their stock speed? Somebody is selling the exact one and it's pretty cheap and I'm thinking of buying it. Also is it expensive to put in the SC to make it 215hp? If so where what parts do I need and where can I get it? Does Jerry sell them at 4-tech?


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    Depending on the time of year (temp), the top speed of 150-155hp will be 47 to 50mph. My 150-215hp, stock, was 57mph in the cool spring weather, but 55mph in the heat.

    Get the 155hp for gas savings, reliablilty, and $$$ savings over the 215hp, but don't get the 155hp to mod it. The internals of the 155hp engine are different than the SCIC version, and are not up to the extra stress of adding a supercharger, or running at a higher RPM.

    But, not being able to mod could be a good thing, as you could just enjoy your boat as is (and keep the warranty). After I paid nearly $19K for my boat in January, I've put nearly $4000.00 more in it, to get better acceleration, reliability, and maybe another 3mph on top. Let me tell you that each additional mph gained in a boat costs more than an extra mph gained in a ski, because of the extra weight and drag. But, on the other hand, what would costs you the most, would be if you got the 155hp, the decided you have to trade up for more power.

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    thanks for the input

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