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    Winterizing non-super

    I bought a 07 GTI this summer. I have winterized before, but that was on 2 strokes. I have been reading to see if I there is anything different for a four stroke. This is what I got.

    Flush it good.
    Change oil and filter (did that at 10 hours so I know how to do that).
    Fog the engine, Stabil in the tank.
    Lube and clean it up, put the battery on a tender.

    Is this right? The only thing to lube that I see is the usual cables (steering, throttle, etc.) and the throttle body. Can you just use silicone spray for the throttle body? It has that outlet under the seat to spray lube into.

    Also, it will be stored in a unheated garage in Michigan. Should I push straight antifreeze through the flush hook up by the pump until I see it come out? Do I need to replace the anti-freeze in the system?

    Last, do you fog through the plugs or the injectors? And to fog you just spray it in and hold the throttle down and crank it right? No where else you need to fog correct?

    Thanks for any help.

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    thats what i want to do would you pump the fliud through the flush housing?

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    Here you go guys! This is how you do it....

    Here is what I do and it works perfectly...

    Go to Lowes and buy piece of clear vinyl tubing thats 3/4" Inner Diameter
    Also make sure it's at least 4' Foot Long or a little longer if you want.

    Then in the same isle at Lowes They sell these white plastic adapters that you will see in the one picture below. It's attached to one end of the clear tubing. I think there called hose adapters. They are 3/4"x3/4"

    One end has 3/4" treads that fit into your sea doo flush inlet.
    The other end of this adapter fits into one end of the 3/4" clear tubing.
    And the other end of the tubing hooks up to the bilge pump just like you see in my pictures below.

    Goto a boat store and purchase a cheap sumersable bildge pump. I paid $23.00 for mine and it pumps 500 gallons an hour but, you realy don't need a 500 gallon per hour pump a 150 or 200 gallon an hour will work just fine.

    Just make sure the bilge pump has a 3/4" outlet coming off of the side of it so it fits onto the 3/4" clear tubing from Lowes.

    Purchase 2 gallons of 50/50 premixed antifreeze and dump them into a clean bucket. You probably won't use the entire bucket full

    1. Screw the Lowes hose adapter into your sea doo flush inlet on your boat or ski

    2.Slide a hose clamp over your clear tubing and push the tubing onto the adapter you just screwed into your flush inlet. Tighten clamp down over clear tubing and adapter.

    3.Slide another hose clamp over the other end of the clear tubing and attach the bilge pump to the clear tubing. Tighten down clamp over clear tubing and bilge outlet.

    4.Sumberse bilge pump into the bucket of 50/50 antifreeze. Now your ready to pump some antfreeze into your exhaust system for the winter. This is just like flushing your ski with water from your garden hose after each ride but this time were gonna use the bucket of antifreeze and our bilge and clear tubing.

    5. Hook up the positive wire of the bilge to the positive side of your boat/ski battery. (Don't hook up the negitive side yet) Now make sure your boat or ski power is turned on (but don't start engine yet)

    6.OK now start the ski and run over and hook up the negitive wire of the bilge to the negitive side of your boat battery. You will see the bilge pump the green antifreeze out of the bucket and into your exhaust cooling system while the ski is running. When the antifreeze runs out of the rear of the jet pump your done. It only takes about 25 seconds or so to run out of the jet pump.

    7. Now quickly disconnect the negitive wire of the bilge so the bilge stops pumping the antifreeze and run over and turn off your ski.

    Now your exhaust system is ready for any freezing temps that happen over the storage period of the boat or ski...I did have to add longer wire to the bilge pump wires so I could reach my boat battery.

    PM me if you have any further questions on this procedure.
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    Here are 2 more pics of the Bilge and Set-up I used

    It's a Rule Bilge pump that pumps 500 Gallons Per Hour cost $23.00
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    Answers to your other questions

    I guess you could use the silicone spray but I use the bombardier lube for lubing the throttle body. Or you can use CRC lube or WD-40

    Yes remove the 2 bolts that hold the fuel rail on and then genty pull the full rail out. Spray Bombardier lube in the injector holes while holding the throttle wide open in the drown mode and have someone else crank the engine while you spray the lube into the holes in long blast..

    No need to fog through the sparkplug holes if you do it through the fuel rail a few times.

    Also smear dialecric grease all over the exposed drive shaft through the intake grate. This will keep it from rusting. It's hard too get to the shaft but I use a long flexible brush to apply it.

    I also spray a little bombardier lube into the jet pump and onto the prop.
    Wipe any excess out and off of the cone. Spray the outside of the pump and spray anything metal so it doesn't rust.

    Remember you must flush the exhuast system first, then fog through the fuel rail. This way you won't burn off your fogging oil from starting the engine from flushing.

    My 4-tec book says to replace the engine coolant once a year or every 100 hours of use. I replace mine every year cuase I want to keep it clean. Just make sure you burp most of the air out. I use 50/50 Prestone Antifreeze

    Happy Winterizing and take your time! I never do it all in 1 day I do it a little at a time so it doesn't seem like so much to doo....

    Hope this helps

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    I do mine the same way the dealer would do it if I took it in.

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    On intercooled models, the instructions say to add antifreeze to the upper intercooler hose "toward the exhaust manifold", what do they mean by that?
    If you pour it into the hose, which is below the manifold, how will it get into the manifold?

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    Want to see what i do....? Really simple look at that video:

    Pretty quick and simple hey...?

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    Do you guys really change your oil when you put it away for the winter? I only use my doo about 15 hours each year. Oil change + filter costs about $40 in supplies. I suck out the old oil and it looks like a beautiful brown elixer- not even black yet. seems like a waste- boat does not see freezing temps in the winter (9 months).


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    It breaks down from sitting. That is why they tell you to get oil changes every so many miles or so many months.

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