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    prop. on stage 2.5 430hp speedster

    doubting a lot
    15/20 should be faster and somefun run them with great succes

    15/19 should give me arm wrenching acceleracion witch is a thing i like a lot, as i would go on the sea not to many days for topspeed with the waves.

    im leaning towards the 15/19 and pich them right on 8150.

    ciao jim

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    Fans of the 3-bladers seem to often be running upgraded ECUs, though I am tempted to try one on my setup, because as strong as my acceleration is with a 4-blade, I'd be curious how much better a 3-blade would be. I'd love for someone else with a stock ECU to be the guinea pig on that, but having to buy two 3-bladers is gonna hurt!

    What mods comprise your stage 2.5 setup?

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    i wanne try a kind of stage 3 with stock ecu for the moment and wouldn,t mind to go a bit slower now on 15/19 if it accelerates like later on i can always go with the ecu, 50,s and valve train. it,s all mods "X2 price" soooo

    ciao jim

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    i know its dificult but anyone has experiences with these impellers on a boat??

    ciao jim

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