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    Chine Walker
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    Water in PV boxes??

    Has anybody noticed evidence of water in the PV boxes?? During the winter, I installed Wave Eater clips; while in there, I cleaned out the boxes. 40 hrs later, after someone mentioned that some 1300's have the tendancy to leak water from the cooling circuit and from noticing moisture on the 1 & 2 plugs, I decided to check inside the boxes.
    Aside from the usual oil build up, I found a honey colored paste; definately water.
    Can this happen from condensation?
    Anybody ever notice this, or small droplets of water on their plugs after cool down??
    Engine has never been disassembled.

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    That moisture is normal condensation, its been on all I've taken apart. As far as the plugs, I've seen the head cover gasket leak around the cutout for the plug, but it can also come from the seat. The seat hold a good bit of water at the front when riding, and its pretty easy to drop some on the engine when removing the seat.

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    Chine Walker
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    Nov 2006
    So the gook I found in the boxes is condensation?? That's good to know, because I was thinking the head gasket was begining to fail, if not already failed.
    Cyl. 3 had the most moisture, followed by #2. I was amazed how much oil build up 40hrs shows, even with a regular diet of Yamaha ring free fuel additive.

    Ps. my 1300 doesnt have a spark plug cover gasket; I think that comes on the 1200's.

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