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    metal washers

    if i have metal washers and my sc starts to slip do i have to worry about it blowing up or does my preformance just go down?

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    You just start losing RPM's. The metal washers don't fail.

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    i put a metal 04 pump new solas 12-20 & r&d intake grate now its slower.
    it was doin 55-58 @ 71-7200rpm now 51-55 @ 68-6900rpm
    i noticed that my boost was down a little from 4-5ish to 3.
    i dont know if its from the prop. i can barley move the sc with my hand.

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    You should not be able to spin the sc impeller with your hand... If you can it means the sc clutch is free wheeling... (bad thing)..Your drop in boost is probably indicitive of the loss in rpm's due to improper impeller pitch..
    Take your prop out and take some of that pitch out of it...
    Look at it this way... it is like trying to drive your car with monster truck tires on it... You will lose performance beacause the tires are too big, well you prop is like those monster truck tires right now... you have too much pitch in it...

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    No offence Jerry, but I've seen two sets of metals go. Not on my boat, though. If there are only a handfull out there that fail that's still the way to go, but I've seen two sets go from two different places. "Metal health will drive you man!"

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    its real hard to spin like it hurts my hand but i can move it like a half inch than stops.
    it almost feels like i am moving it between compression strokes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FL03GTX View Post
    its real hard to spin like it hurts my hand but i can move it like a half inch than stops.
    The clutch may not be "GONE" but it maybe worn out. Either way if you're running the ceramics you should go ahead and get the metal ones installed. Once you do that, check your RPM's then with the new prop. If you need to bend it for max RPM's you can do that, but just don't do it before you know for sure if your SC is slipping or not. It sounds like it MAYBE starting to slip a little bit. The ceramics don't always "blow up" and ruin the engine, they can simply wear out just like metals eventually do too.

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    see i bought the ski used they updated the washers and rebuit it.
    also my comp is at 125 135 140.

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    Well.. if they "updated" it then it's probably the "better" ceramics. Either way I'd still pull it out and get the Riva Metal washers just to be safe... that being said my ceramics lasted about 80 hours before I noticed any performance loss with them. I'd double check those compression numbers... they don't sound too good.

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