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Thread: '99 GP800 Probs

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    '99 GP800 Probs

    Back cylinder tested 90 psi. Pulled head and saw front cylinder with good wash, back cylinder dry with small indentions in the piston head on the exhaust side. I pulled the cylinder and some scoring was evident, especially on the intake side. I then rotated the crank and heard noise .The rear piston was sloppy and lo and behold, I couldn't see any crank rod bearings left. Front bearing looks good. Some debris in the case with the oil.
    My question is basically, which way to go from here??
    Is it possible that I just need to replace the rod bearings with new pistons/rings plus a renik job?
    Any advice appreciated.

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    I would exchange the cylinder with one from Millenium Technologies and rebuild or buy another crank. It just so happens I have a new crank with less than 1hr on it I'd be willing to sell. There's factory pistons on e-bay right now. I also have a 0hr head for sale.

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