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    Mark, thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for the decal tips...those things went on easier than I could ever have hoped for!! They look sweet along with the great paint job..will send pictures later. Can't thank you enough.

    Oh, and just for the record for those who have asked. I never recieved a huge cash pot from Kawi for the paint all went straight to the guy who painted my skis via a check from the dealer..just wanted to clear that up.
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    No problem. Once you learn to put on decals, using the wet method, it's almost fun. I look forward to it. Even the largest decals.

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    For those a little shy about mixing up soap solution, there is a very good premade product available that is widely used in the graphics world. Here's the link:

    Your local sign shop prolly has some for you. The wet method is fun!

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