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    Honda dino oil in a SCIC 4-Tec?

    I don't want to start a pissing match about oil, but just want to throw this out there for opinions. I went to the local Sea-Doo/Honda dealer to get a quart of oil to top off the crankcase before the weekend run, and they wanted to sell me the Honda motorcycle oil. They said they don't carry Sea-Doo oil and put the Honda in everything... also said as long as it's not synthetic, the oil is fine. Is that odd, with as much as the manufacturer demands that only BRP oil be used? It's only $17 a gallon, so it's quite tempting.

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    If the honda oil is safe for wet clutches you should be able to use it with no issues.

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    Honda GN4 10w40 is a great oil and we use it in all are Honda watercrafts and motorcycles. Its not synthetic so you dont have to worry about clutch slip. Its is ok to use and probably is just as good if not better than Seadoo 10w40.

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