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    Has anybody used MB Quart's marine audio equipment?

    If so, how did you like it. I've had their stuff in my old truck and loved it.


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    I put 4 mb quart nkd116 and they rock

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    Never heard them, but i was told they are really good, but i personnally find them a little bit too expensive.

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    there made by rockford fosgate, alpines are the best for the money

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    MB stuff is great! I put (4) 6 1/2 NKD's and (2) 10" subs with their amp and it was the beast I've ever heard... Now I bought a new Formula and Installled (6) 6x9's with (2) 10" subs and (1) 1200 watt MB amp for the subs and (1) 800 watt for the 6x9's and it ROCKS!!!!! Buy the best and cry only once! lol good luck....

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