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    MSX 110 150 Manual Uploaded

    It is in the tech section. Thanks to Rocky_Road for sending me the disc.

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    Thanks Rocky.
    Thanks for taking the time to get it in place beer, I know how time consuming it is!!

    I'm sure others will find the information invaluable for a long, long time.

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    Thanks Rocky_Road!!! That manual will be a big help to many Hulksters.

    I have already browsed through it for info for a project I am working on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    It is in the tech section. Thanks to Rocky_Road for sending me the disc.
    My pleasure, beer! If it helps anyone else get as much enjoyment out of their MSX ski, as I am getting, it was worth it. Maybe when I have a question, some of the seasoned riders here can check it out, and steer me in the 'right' direction even if they don't ride one....

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