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    Cool 04 GTX-SC Hits & stays in Rev Limiter constanly when taking off from a dead stop.

    I Have A 2004 Gtx-sc. I Just Go It Back From The Shop After Having The Engind Rebuilt. When I Picked It Up, The Service Tech Told Me He Tried The Pwc Out In The Lake And It Seemed To Go Good Once It Got On Plane. He Said If You Puncnh It From A Dead Start...the Pwc Hitts The Rev Limiter For A Few Seconds Then Comes Out Of It If You Back Off The Throttle And Get Back On It Again, Then It Gets On Plane. I Have Had A Lot Of Seadoo's And Never Heard Of This. I've Heard Of Cavitation But Never This!!! So I Brought It Home, Put It In The Water, Warmed It Up And Gave Her Some. All It Did Was Move About 2 Miles An Hour And Hit The Rev Limiter...did This Every Time I Tried And Could Never Get On Plane. Does This Sound Like A Bad Wear Ring Or Grate Seal?...not Sure And Could Use Some Help Please

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    could be a bad wear ring, pump seal, you driveshaft splines could be partially stripped....

    could be any number of things or you could have sucked soemthing up and bent the prop

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    Presuming you have a good wear ring & prop, I would check the nose cone as it could of made its way up the driveshaft. Thus causing cavitation.
    This happened to me back in April.....

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    Thanks, I will look into the advice and check it out. Thanks for the speedy reply and I'll let you know as soon I found something out. TJ

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    I'm kind of surprised that the tech didn't tell you to take it easy for 10 hours. Did it cavitate before you took it in for the rebuild?... Ron

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    Ron...Not sure if it cavitated before...I bought it needing a new crank case...I will post some photos of the carnage. i kept the old cases and grenaded piston/rod/etc....Good coversation piece!!! I got some good responses from all of you guys so far...but have yet to try the advice. I will look into it when I get some time this weekend. I would appreciate any advice about the ski hitting rev limiter when taking of from a start...If any one has ever experienced a bad slipping automobile sort of feels like that, not good!!
    Thanks again all...I will try all your advice. : )

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