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    2003 Gtx S/c Sliping (help)

    they wanted 700.00-1000.00 to do the job,no way i can spin it with my finger,so i took i out look good ,but the gear spin free, can i just get the washer -shim or do i need to rebuild the whole thing? any toughts?

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    S/C rebuild.

    Hi..I have a 03 gtx. My SC is slipping...55mph @7100rpm. What I am doing until Nov (when is turns really cold) I will just replace the metal discs with ones I found on ebay I can keeping riding with out a large expense right now.

    But, during the winter I will rebuild the SC to 06 specs with the following parts: As suggested by Jerry.

    Supercharge upgraded kit-Dont us the washers that come with this kit; use the ones listed below cts_id=340

    Washer kit

    Also you will need several special tools to do the job.

    Removing the supercharger is a simple issue..just search the forum and you will find many links to "how to". Also, if you dont want to rebuild the SC; Jerry will do it, but you have to buy the parts from him.
    You should really buy a service manual for your Seadoo, these make for great reading when you dont know how to do something.
    I hope this helps...

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    GTX Washer

    Just got some imput on another string...your can't just replace the washers you have to rebuild the SC as described in my earlier post. Dont use the eBay appear they are made of sub standard material.

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    I have shimmed the older sc's to get the correct slip back. I had a case where the ski would only run 7000 - 7100 rpm's. The clutch was slipping big time. So I installed shims as I would do to the newer style sc's. I installed shims and got it back to about 12-15 n/m and it was like a whole new ski after turning 7600 rpms and back to normal. This is a quick fix the proper way would be to install the rebuild kit with metal washers. Hopefully this will help.

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    thanks for the information, i think i am going to go with a rebuild,i dont want to take any chance, and blow the motor$

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