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    Gauging interest VA Group buy FX SHO/FX CRUISER SHO

    I have spoken with a dealer here in Southeast Virginia regarding the new FX SHO and FX Cruiser SHO (SHOs for short) to obtain some pricing and expected delivery. He has quoted me what I feel is a very good price and offered a discount at 15 units. I am curious if there is enough interest in the region to support an effort on my part to manage such a project. Currently I am sure of two SHO sales, mine (FX) and a friend of mine (Cruiser). The dealer has ordered 45 FX units and an equal amount of Cruisers. This would be a package deal, ski/trailer/safety equipment/6 gallons of gas/ whatever else I can get him to toss in the mix.
    Trade ins are accepted, but you'll probably do better selling them on your own (according to the dealer). $500.00 down to the dealer and a signed contract reserves your ski for February arrival. I will play intermediary for quantity tracking only, but no checks will be made payable to me.
    If you are interested please e-mail me and I will provide the pricing he has given me so far. The more we buy the less they cost.

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    wouldnt be able to get him to throw in a good price for a gpr would ya? lol. just curiouse but could you pm me the price ont the sho fx
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