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    Can anyone comment on a R/D EXTENDED STEERING NOZZLE for ultra 150

    Thinking of this upgrade....curious if anyone has this on their Ultra 150 and thier thoughts. Worth the money? What can I expect for gains.... I have read online where some have claimed close to 1mph on top end.
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    I had one, it was a sloppy fit, bent my steering cable and I didn't care for the feel..

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    I had one on for a whole week... It now resides on a shelf in my garage. Was IMO worthless and killed my steering cable. I had to put in a new one last year.

    Save your money dude. Spend it on something worthwhile.

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    I have one on my 150 and have never had any problem with the steering cable. I think it gives the "best bang for the buck" of any Ultra 150 accessory. Increases speed in most cases, makes the ski turn and handle better.


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    I have to agree with way2fast like the feel and handling it gained a solid 1 mph on mine in back to back testing, that was with a blueprinted solas and a modded stock prop both showed simmilar gains. Saw no difference between a solas or R&D extended tried them both.

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    I did not care for it much, so I put the stock one back on. Did not like the feel of it, was harder to turn and did not give me any increase in the speed. I can see where it would stress the steering cable.

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    It will be harder to turn with the stock sponsons on your ski. After market sponsons makes a big difference and helped out a lot when turning when I had my ultra 150.

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    Broke mine today, although it's 9 years old. I don't think the R&D nozzle did it.

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    i like mine you can put water anywere in a tail whip..

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