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    XP800 Charging fault?

    Hi all, I recently bought a used 96 seadoo xp 800cc,
    I tried it at the weekend and it was great, everything worked, and was fast,
    But the battery light was coming on every now and then.
    It lasted a whole tank of fuel, and was still able to crank and start..
    But ive tested with a meter and before i ran the engine my battery volts are 13.3, when the ski is running it dropped to 12.9, revving the motor made no difference, and when i stopped the engine the voltage crept back up over 13 volts again.

    I would think that its maybe not charging properly, I read the yellow wires from the stator to the electric box, as i was told these are the charge coil, and it reads very low ohms, below 1 ohm in fact, which is meant to be correct, but can anyone advise on any other tests? or any fuses to check?


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    there is a rectifier in the front electrical box. it has 3 yellow wires and one red one. this is responsible for charging and typically goes bad on these skiis.

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    Yes, ive checked this and got that conclusion, I tested the 3 yellow wires reading to each other off the mag, and they all read <1 ohm to each other, and no reading to earth..
    No fuses have blown, and i can read battery voltage on the red lead, but if i disconnect it and try to read the voltage from the rectifiers red lead, using the metal casing as the ground, when i start the ski i get -25volts...
    so im hoping its just that, seems very likely as the ski works with it unplugged..
    Now just got to find someone who sells it in the UK..
    British dealers are all blowers... haha

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