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    WOW! RXP stage 1 price increase!!

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    I see on the riva site the prop now costs 299 as part of the kit, where in jerry store the prop by itself is 249. Could help explain the increase in cost.

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    It's actually not that bad I guess. I was trippin'. For some reason I thought it was like 625.00 before..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ou812 View Post
    I say use the knowledge and information everyone has posted on this forum to build your own custom stage 1 that performs better and save about $150. Might not seem like much but it adds up quick.

    If only I would have known then what I know now I could have had a 75mph RXP for under $2K worth of mods. That's a $1K savings over Riva's S2 kit for the same performance. Spend that extra cash on some more go fast parts or gas.

    Let's see, last year I spent just over $1K on the folowing:
    Riva 3" intake
    Riva intake grate
    Riva wedge
    Riva pro opas blocks
    Solas 14/19R
    filling in rideplate holes
    = 71mph

    This year I spent about $100 more than last year on the following parts:
    XS IC
    IC plumbing
    Riva thru hull exhaust
    Solas 15/20R
    Riva/Vortech S2 SC wheel
    Jerry's washers
    Jerry's SC work
    Groco IC strainer which I have yet to install.
    = 75mph with last years parts included.

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    That's Riva MSRP and it's correct

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