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Thread: Jet Bike....

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    Jet Bike....

    Dont know if this is a repost but at least The pic is nice. These things look cool but I'll stick w/ my RXP for now. Cool Concept though. Here is the article:

    Why cant they add GPS and Machine guns to our skis!!!

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    looks like something similar that they had in the Police Academy movie...LOL...PR...

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    I used to want one of those but then heard they were even less reliable than anything else on the water. And I think they cost a small fortune.

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    One guy at the lake I was riding at had one. It was really nice. It had a great paint job, nice seat cover, hydro turf mats. He had a blast with it. He was taking turns riding it with he buddy.

    He had no traler, he had it in the bed of his pickup truck and he and his buddy (both good size guys) just lifed it out of the truck.

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    That bike looks gay. Now that Wallyworld mega yacht looks like a mean mutha phuca.

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