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    With these mods only hitting 65mph ??

    OK I have a Ultra 250x with about 30hrs on it I have added:
    Riva free flow exhaust
    Riva Pro Air intake
    Riva Valve Block offs
    Riva Sponsons
    R Rated Blow off valve block off
    R&D Intake grate
    R&D Power shot fuel programer
    2* wedge
    I have modded the oil catch can to stop it form venting back into the airintake so the oil vapor does not clog my intercooler and stops the oil vapor from making it into the where the spark plugs fire the gas and everyone knows oil will on combust like gas
    I think thats it unless I have forgot something

    I was riding on a inland lake today and on near flat water 78 temp low humid and about 5-10mph wind but still rather flat water and only hit a max speed of 65.0 on my Garmen GPS

    Dose this sound right or could something be wrong ?
    What should I check....Oil lvl is fine, intercooler is clean, new fresh 93 oct gas....I thought for sure after these mods Id be pushing upper 60 if not comming real close to 70

    Anyone else out there that has these mods what top speeds are you hitting ?

    Thanks for any help

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    How do you ride when trying for top speed?

    How much fuel?

    What direction was the wind blowing?

    What was barometric pressure?

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    RPM ???
    psi ???

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    Boost gauge says 10psi
    But with the R-Rated BOV block off I thought it would be a little higher

    max RPM's were around upper 7000's

    I ran from full tank to near empty when the low fuel beeper sounds and only hit as I said 65.0mph

    Wind was out of the south and I did lap after lap around the lake and half the lap the wind was blowing in my face and the other half was blowing to my back

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    I only see 3 real power mods

    wedge, intake, and exhaust.

    Two mods some say slow you down, riva sponsons and intake grate.

    How do you ride for top speed?

    Another thing to consider is what was the barometric pressure? What is your elevation?

    What did you run stock?

    10 psi seems low, but you have the block off, maybe you have a leak elsewhere.

    65 is not crazy

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    you should have picked up at least 2 more bars of boost

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    I was riding solo....and tried putting all my 146lbs of body weight to the front and to the back and laying flat as I can

    the barometric pressure and elevation I am not sure of....Ill take a look at that on my next outting

    And when I was stock I never had a good day to run for a good top speed water was rough high wind and temps were over 95deg with 95+% humid

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    if you don't have any lose on pip
    check the IC bolt both side
    if it lose then open the IC and change your IC seal or take it to your dealer

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    What setting do you have the Riva Sponsons in? The intake grate will most likely slow you down and hold you in the water. Put back on the stock grate, seal it up and run it again to see your numbers. Try the Riva Sponsons in the middle position and see if that helps. If they are in the low position they can scrub speed.

    If we don't know what you ran stock we can't say if you have had a good gain or not. Those mods don't guarantee any certain speed. The will give an increase however everyones ski is different and the resulting numbers will be different from one ski to another.

    Hope this helps.

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    How do you like that RD intake grate? Did you do any speed tests with and without the grate with everything else the same? As mentioned earlier on this thread, I heard it can scrub 1 to 2 mph on smooth (altho R&D says no).

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