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    How many of you wear a helmet for recreational riding ?

    I have read that helmets can be good. I've also read that helmets can be bad.
    They say at high speeds if your helmet catches water then you might as well say good bye to your spinal cord.
    With these ski's getting faster and faster I keep wondering what it's going to be like to get kicked off the ski. Wish I could prepare....
    Head injuries account for 29% of all jet-ski injuries and 15% of sledding accidents.

    National Transportation Safety Board. Search for pwc. Pretty much says not to wear helmets because they can scoop water.

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    itll be like hitting a brick wall going about 65....Unless you float real well or your small and then youll just skip across the water....

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    This topic was discussed on the Yami site. Because of the speeds we are going I think its not only good to wear a helmet but also a neck brace. Not for recreational riding, but definitely when going out and doing speed runs only.

    Last year while doing speed runs I hit a swan at 68.7MPH GPS (and climbing) and consider myself lucky I didn't kill myself and only broke my nose.


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    did you kill the swan??

    I almost hit a big bird when it dropped right out of the sky beside me got a fish i guess I scared it because it got the fish flew straight up and dropped it right in my face going about 50 luck I didnt break my nose or something...

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    Don't know. Afterwards I looked for it and couldn't find it.

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    How are yall wipping out when doing a speed run ? Are you turning real quick.

    I like to chase the egretts and watch them piss when I get right on there tail. Just don't do it with your mouth open.
    It's amazing how those birds can get to 50 so quick and it looks like they are doing nothing.

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    Speaking of swan attacks, I was the guy on John Stewart's show on Comedy Central about 5 years ago ... they did a 5 minute spoof of my real life experience in dealing with an idiotic swan that constantly tried to chase and attack me on my jetskis (and other jetskiers). Funny story, I was all over the local news, the story got sold in the Associated Press and was published in newspapers all across the US and Canada as a 'human interest' story. After a few years of not being able to do anything (damn things are protected, and I was under the microscope by the swan lovers), somebody killed both birds (mated pair, one was crazy). Never found out who did it to this day ... Bird was a classic coward, would only attack when you were not looking, clobber you from behind ... never actually hit me, but knocked others off their jetskis and left bruises ...

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    Damn! ...PR...

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