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    Is the 13/19 solas the optimal prop for stage II RXT?

    I've bought my stage II piecemeal,

    I'm about to put the last touches on. I'm thinking about adding the wet wolf adjustable cone as well (not sure though) and the RXP shorty water box.

    Here are the performance mods
    Top Loader
    3" intake
    OPAS removal
    Thru Hull
    Vortech impeller
    Pro series cooler with BOV

    Here are the supporting mods
    finger throttle
    reverse bucket
    telescoping ski tower
    GPS glove box

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    I would say yes, pretty much a stage 2. According to riva the 13/19 is recommended. What are your current RPM's? Stock prop? My recommendation is that if you want to go faster than stage 2, stop with those mods and get an RXP. It just takes so much to get the T to get what the P will do for less.

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    fatty, i am glad you asked that question i was just about to. i ve been running the 14/17r that had to repitch. i was wonder if the 13/19 would give me a little more speed? its tough getting this couches up and movin'. how fast have you got yours going?

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