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    I had an IDEA! WOW!

    I know I know its not a first but I thought this may be a good one!

    I was just snooping around on Ebay and saw some Land Rover fender vents(and other vents that would work) for sale...

    So I was thinking since i blocked my entire front vent why not just put these on the sides of my ski, like up inside of where my fearings are..

    Because I have Limited so it has fearings that come out over the foot board. and so If I put some open vents there there would be NO WAY any water could get in there...but air could..

    Who thinks this is a good Idea? Would it work??

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    That will be one big hole.
    Why don't you look at thru hull vents. Probably an easier install


    you could also outerwear filter that backside of one of these using the nut to the hull.

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    because I didnt even know they made em...LOL thanks!

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    damn those are expensve for one to be big enough to actually vent any air...Because I am not looking to run any type of vent tubes or anything just a hole for vent, just like the front seat vent was for...

    I also found some trailer vents, that you can paint any color and they require a 3" hole and the over all diameter is 4.25 inchs.... heres the link..

    P.S. he said he could get me 2 of just the round ones not the scoop type thing...

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    You can get the plastic one for a good price.

    Imagine if you had tubing connected to these and did a Y connection from both sides. Then hooked up an attwood 4" turbo blower.

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    haha good Idea Kinchyle I wonder who has already done that??? Hmmmm....

    But I was thinking that it would be easier to do just the bigger vents under the fearings to basically do the same thing the stock front vent did ( when i didnt have my intake in thur, by the way just idleing that thing is loud!! going about 3,000 rpms it drowns out my free flow exhaust!)

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    or have one side connected to your air intake and then the other side connected to an attwood 4" turbo fan blowing into your intake as well.
    Then you could use the front seat vent for ventilation.

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    Why don`t you 2 get married for christs sake already! the wheel was invented a looong time ago
    You guys got to stay away from that wacky tobaccy or the dog shit your smoking!

    Maybe you guys should post your experiences and work with BRP for some job offers, hell you wouldn`t need any fasteners at all with all the duct tape and JB weld, look at how much money you`d be saving them! Only one stipulation, you couyldn`t guarantee any of the ski to FLOAT...sheesh! ...PR...

    Totally, now I`m afraid to see what you do with your cars
    BTW here was one of mine...PR...
    Last edited by Pale Rider; 02-25-2007 at 12:02 PM.

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    Looks good PR, I actually think i am doing good work on my ski and trying to keep it looking stock....

    I aint gona use no JB Weld or anything that much...just to mount my bilge pump mounting bracket and that is it...

    But yeah I thought my idea about the 2 vents (not Kinchyles Idea...LOL sorry there Kinchyle) but rather use those 2 round vents and stick them up underneath of my fearings on the front of my ski...

    So do you think it would work good if I just used these...

    I would use 2 of the round ones in that pic (not the big "scoop") And stick them on the side of the ski up under the fearings...

    But does anyone think that would work really good to vent, other than me? And I could paint them either the blue color or silver/chrome...I think they would look trick and function really good!

    PR...I posted up some pics of my 10 sec L in the "other toys forum" That was before I dropped it, did the chrome grill mod, and put about 15 grand in it...LOL

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    I'm going to make mine look modified stock hehe.
    I'm going to fix the back where I cut the holes. Probably use chrome scoops or something. I was just getting the concept working. If I really screw it up I can always order that back part for like 50.
    I think if you put it under the flarings you won't get ventilation. You would need to have a fan blowing air out the year to have pressure to pull air in from the vents. Maybe if you made vents that angled air toward the vents you might. Like add the scoop to the flarings, then put the vent under the flarings.

    I say go for it though
    You will it at least have some pressure as the hot air starts to escape the seats in the back.

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