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    We have a lot of traffic at the lake of the ozarks. I spend a lot of time looking behind me, to the side, everywhere. There have been a few times where i know i am paying attention, look over and suddenly there's a boat that I just didn't see, never a close call, just odd that I didn't see it.

    Anyway, horrible.

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    WOW!! I hate to hear these things!! and it is too close to home...

    I think SML made it through with no major incidents which is a surprise for the last two weekends. (our poker run and opening weekend)

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    yea it is horrible and like where it happened is really close to my dock. I try and be very careful out on the lake when there is alot of people out but sometimes i glance over and see a boat that i didnt see before. I think there is just too many people who dont know exactly what they are doing and that are drinkin out there. And the other death bout the VA state policemen he was a good friend of my dad. Now I'm going to try and be even more careful out by 208 bridge and all the major traffic areas but 1 thing im always tryin to look out for is people tubing because sometimes those boats get into a small channel and you have alot of people going btoh ways and the person is tryin to turn the boat back and forth while the traffic is heavy. Guess I gotta be really careful out there now

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