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    rxp 215 verses ultra 250

    I am sure this question must already have been asked but here goes - Has any one any experience of riding an rxp against an ultra 250? I am interested in the direct performance comparisons of power, torque etc. I have ridden an ultra 250 and whilst was impressed with the power it makes I found it to bulky and big for my personal taste - I want to be able to dominate the ski - not the otherway around. many thanks for looking.

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    welcome. you are right it has been discussed. do a search, as it's a popular topic.

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    If you think the 250 is bulky then the rxp is ure boat. From what i've read the 250 is slightley faster out of the hole(but nothing to write home about)the rxp still dominates it in top speed.

    Go with the rxp and get those ceramics out of there.

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    (ultra 250)it certainly pulled well straight off of the throttle BuT whilst the ski ran straight up to an idicated 70M.P.H. it felt so restricted at that point and wanting to give so much more . its as if the whole ski is built around that 70 M.P.H. mark. the ski was stable at that speed but the turning felt so lazy compared with other skis I have ridden.

    Thanks for the quick responses guys - appreciate that

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    250 nice in the chop.Hector where r u

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    good info. many thanks for that

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