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Thread: oil question

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    oil question

    Last weekend I changed my oil and oil filter (leveled ski) oil was left at 1/2 mark measured with spare dipstik (no ruber) Sunday went riding to the fla keys with some friends that own rxp's. Lots of racing and wot as you can imagin. Monday wash the ski and parked in garage. Tuesday I checked oil leve and it had barely moved. I was happy I had no blowby. Thursday I checke oil and it was at 3/4 mark, and today when I checked it again it was almost at the full mark. I have no complaints on the jet ski It runs great. I've pull cooler out twice and have not found any oil at all. Any body has an idea what's going on here?

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    I have a similar situation which I posted last week.

    I'm no mechanic and my ski is in the shop but here is my thoughts.

    My connection at the fuel hose/fuel rail was leaking gas freely. That tells me that gas is running freely through the fuel pump via. pressure in the gas tank or by motor allowing gas to cylinder and trickling down the rings. When you turn off your machine, one or two cylinders and valves would remain open creating a suction effect.

    Even though you would think this would cause a flooding effect while starting (some have experienced this) you still have two or three cylinders that where close which would give you enough power to start the engine.

    I just don't know what would be faulty or defective to stop the gas from leaking into the motor. I think cars have an electronic fuel shut-off valve that closes when the engine stops and don't know if the Ultra has one or not.

    That's my two cents worth on this situation. Hoping to hear back from the dealer soon.

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    Did you store your ski with gas left in you gas tank? If so, how much did you have in your tank?

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    My gas cap is off, and I have no leaks on the recall connection. Next time I come back from riding I will take my fuel rail (injectors) off put a container under them and see if they leak. I know they should not, but maybe mines are. We'll see.

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    I'm guessing about 3 to 4 gals.

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    I think we are onto something I have had the same problems I noticed that gas is leaking into the engin when it is not running my oil level goes up after the ski sits in the sun for a few days.

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    OK guys.. This sounds like a plausible cause of the gas in oil problem. Let's keep this thread going.. It makes more sense than blowby (intercoolers have been clean more than not), and it seems to affect people randomly; maybe some people leave their tanks open/empty/full. We need to really compare notes to see if there is a relationship. For now I'll leave the gas cap open and see if it makes a difference on my next change. Please, chime in here..

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    I already sorta brought this up in another section and got shot down, but I agree that the pressure in the gas tank could be a culprit, that's why I open and close the gas cap to relieve the pressure when I'm done with it. The ski doesn't have a return line, so that pressure just sits on the injectors. Don't know if somehow the injectors are getting stuck maybe, but I dont have the gas in oil problem

    Maybe that should be the latest check. Might only work for people that garage their ski since the sun would build the pressure again.

    After use, relieve gas tank pressure and then check oil...

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    Do you think it might also have more of an effect depending on how hot your daytime temps are? Just a thought.

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    I dont want to go off thread if you guys are thinkin this is the best new theory but I was wonderin if you saw Polaris' post on the other thread about the A/F ratio possibly being too rich and needin an EC tweak. I was surprised no one responded to that one. I thought this would explain the plug foulin or do you think the plug foulin is unrelated to the gas in oil?

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