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    Quote Originally Posted by osidebill View Post
    Billie I like those instructions better. I should have followed them when I installed mine. I did the same bonehead mistake as Mr Waverunner and installed them and never read the instructions
    Good call. You are absolutely right. I really didn't press attention to the cuts on these clips, and it looks that is a tighter and quicker installation, but is as secure as securing the clip entirely with the bolt?
    I don't think so,.. but I may be wrong.
    A marketing strategy - ?
    Either way the WaveEater clips are still doing the job and I greatly appreciate that.
    Is better to follow the manufacturer instructions to install these clips.
    I didn't read the instructions.
    I did what common sense told me to do, with the wrong clip.
    My apologies for the misunderstanding

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    Mr Waverunner no harm mine have been running all season like this? I did the same as you. In fact I had the older style before, so I didn't even think about it pulled the caps pulled the screws and installed. It was not until I saw a post on the newer style clips that I realized I could have saved some effort. All Good in the end

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    ttt, doing mine on monday

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    What do waveeater clips improve or do for you ski?

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