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    MAINT when I plug my Tether in

    I have an 05 RXT and when I put the tether on the ski it comes up MAINT for about 5 seconds then goes away. I never noticed this before. Oil level is fine. Does it have a timer built in for an Oil change? It has about 35 hours on the oil in it now and only 80 hours total.

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    yup, it's just a reminder. The only way to clear it is to have a dealer hook it up to the BUDS system and clear the reminder. I just ignore it cause I'm not paying and waiting for them to find time to do it. just don't forget to do the maintainance

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    Its is automatic usually around 10 hours and again at 100, 200 etc. Only the dealer can get it off. I do wonder why some are very odd times when they start flashing, and some from what I have heard never do it.

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    the first one is at 10 hours then every 50 hours so next should be at 60.

    it always goes off 50 hours later after you had it reset at the dealer as a reminder.

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    Mine cam on with the RIVA ecu lately, i just ignore it.

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