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    Raced a Honda Turbo...

    guy was very polite and came up to me and wanted to race me and my completely stock 1300, 2006 (with pisser...I like my pisser just the way it is).

    he did not know what my ski was and he had complete confidence that he was going ta smoke me. I said sure...I thought I was about to get smoked by a turbo! my complete suprise I absolute lost out of the hole and just slowly took over and had 20 feet on him by the end of 1/4 mile.

    is my ski that much faster than the Honda? I had no idea. I am not much of a racer...I just love playing around mostly, setting up some buoys or cruising the delta.

    felt pretty good...

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    Dude, honda's are slow I think they are in the 61 range stock. My 11 year old raider was eating them up like nothing.

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    Not to jump off topic Rio Vista,but how has the Bass fishing been on the Delta?
    Congrats on the kill btw......

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