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    96gsx going premix

    bought block off plate an 2 lil plugs can any one give me some advise on doing this took oil tank out plugged 2 big hoses an put in 2 lil plugs where oil lines went thats it right?

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    48 the oil tank with about 5-10oz of XPSII and plug off only the line with the filter. the lower case still needs oil for lubrication....premix 44:1?
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    Or tie the big front and back tube together with a T, run the top hose from the T to the top of the ski and fill it with oil, then cap it.

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    did it thank you very much for the pic an info you guys an this sight is the best

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    oil injection blockoff

    My god why on earth would you do that? I know it will be unpopular to say it but the oil injection on my 96 GSX, 98 GSXL and my 98 GTXL is perfect. NO FAILURES. Sure it is one more mechanical item to break but I ride on the great lakes and the conditions there can be pretty unforgiving so if my skis can handle it yours probably can too.

    If you are going to block off the injection you must weigh the cost/benefit. 1 you can just put oil in the oil tank and gas in the gas worry about how much...say you pull up to a station and add 3.73 gallons of much oil are you goin to add? and be accurate? and are you going to carry that oil with you whereever you go? Also, resale, what buyer is going to want to premix? A racer, an enthuasist? Pretty much limits resale to people with experience...and those aren't typically the highest payers when it comes to resale items...

    Choice is yours, but for me - I'd fix that injection and smile.
    Just my 2cents...GL

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