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    help rings

    is there a up or down for rings on sl780 .this is the 2nd. rebuild on top end the pto . cly . sucked the top ring. center piston a ok .mag cly .started to burn .top of piston. any ideas.please email. thanks butch.

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    butch, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    Check for fuel contamination.
    Water in tank
    Dirt or foreign materials in carbs
    Degrading hoses
    Fuel selector switch etc.
    Have a photo of the plugs, piston tops and domes?

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    Yes there is a top and bottom depending on the ring style. If you have the wedge shaped rings, you want to have the angled side pointing up. If you have the L shaped rings then you want the lip on the L pointing up, if you have rectangular rings then I'm not sure but usually the side with the numbers / stamped letter is the side that goes up. I know there is a diagram in my manual, I can scan and post if needed.

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    Might want to do a crank case pressure test once you are done assembling, that can also cause premature piston failure.

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