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    Non-engine performance mods possible for 250ultra

    hey guys, just looking for some suggestions on non engine performance parts for the ultra 250, i have been told about the ride plate n its "significant" difference but for example what are the pros n cons of it?
    open to different suggestions

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    Finally got some decent test results today. The weather was typical for Florida, 90 degree air; 85 degree water and 70% humidity. Too dang many boaters out today - it was hard to find good water.

    Anyway, I've started to work on the wifes Ultra. The last two weeks of testing has been RPMs only - no GPS. Today I gave her the GPS and let her take a couple of runs - the fastest was a 69.7 and 69.8. The RPMs were running right at 7780.

    So far, the only "purchased" parts are (less than $200):

    R&D PPK and Cool Air Kit
    R-Rated Value Cover Block offs
    LX Wedge

    The ski just hit 55 hours. I've done several oil changes, and now am running Mobil 1 synthetic. At first, I had gas in the oil and air intake tube like several others have reported. The blow by problem is getting much better, with almost no gas in the drain tube, and just a hint in the oil. This hasn't been a problem for me anyway, as I would have changed the oil several times either way. When my wife asked me why some many oil changes as compared to her car, I replied that we run the skis basically with an on-off switch. We're either sitting or full bore - not much in between. Hell, I expect some blow-by under these conditions. And no, the bottom ring isn't bowing because of SC pressure (cause if it was we would all be looking for pieces of our blown apart top ring).

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