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    Choosing a Sea-doo model

    I have a 2007 Sea-doo Wake Edtion SC and love it. After riding it this season I am thinking about getting a second one.

    I would like to get a smaller, lighter used Sea-doo that I can play with and have fun on. Something that can do spins and jump and is easy to through around. Does anyone have any advice on which models and years were best for that?

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    Do the XP.... made for that kind of stuff and you won't notice anything as far as loss of performance if you are used to a wake.... maybe feel a little better. If you have the money.... grab a 05-06 RXP, throw metal washers in it and go to town

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    I agree if you want to drop the coin the RXP would be the way to go, if your looking for something smaller a 1996 XP would be a great machine, pretty darn quick and very light, awesome machine for getting big air.

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    For fun ski, best year is 95 xp 800 or 96 xp. or 94-95 97-99 spx. both have the tried and true 800 motor in them. fun, fast, light and durable skis. I would say the 650x is the next most reliable seadoo motor in older style 2 stroke models. the 717 had the most issues ifI remember correctly, then again its all in how you ride and take care of them most of the time. my 2 cents.

    I also have a mint condition 94 xp for sale if your interested drop me a pm.

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