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    Oil Injection or premix ???

    I know this question has been out there several times but my motor is down for mods including 3*keyway so i was thinking what the hell... I think it is just as easy mixing as it is to put in the oil tank considering half the time its a pain just to get the oil cap off being so long since having to fill the tank,i could possibly use the oil tank for a little something....

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    You'll prob never have any problem out of your oil injection, but I just think it's worth the piece mind. It's only like $10 to convert it. I think I've paid for mine already n savings from not spilling oil all over the side of the jet ski trying to fill the oil tank up. Plus it's not really the hassle that I though it would be. Just my opinion.


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    I agree as I fought it for years and finally went pre-mx. Really not that big of a hassle and well worth the peaceof mind.

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