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    how to install RR Heavy duty Clutch?

    Today i received RR heavy duty clutch(4254) with Shims(4282)
    but really don't know how to install. i got 4 shims,is these shims must install?

    i'm going to bring my rxp to the dealer for this installation,but it would be better if i got a few information of this installation , maybe the mechanic would ask me about this aftermarket mod

    i'm also have RR racing thermostat(4207) ,is it work well with the racing course? i scare of the engine will too much temperture down,and engine probably will not run like the normal operation temp. ( i scare of the hole-shot power because after i installed ixu27,it's a colder spark plug,i lose a little power@low rpm )

    my rxp have ecu reflashed,denso spark plug ixu27,solas 14/19 repitch
    riva filter,jerry ride plate trick and grate matching

    please help setting my boat !!

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    You can follow the instructions in the manual for installing the RR heavy duty clutch setup.

    You only install shims if needed after checking the clutch slip moment. ON that setup you want it to start to slip at around 10 newton meters.

    You wont experience any loss of performance with the RR thermostat.

    It will help with heat fade and actually increase performance.

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    so sad i haven't got any instructions ,jerry

    hope the dealer can install it for me, i'll save the pic of installation in ur web instead.

    a competition is coming 8-9 april .. .haven't got much time for setting
    still confuse with the prop

    jerry ,now rev is just about 7800! is that because of the prop,could it?
    because i have sharpen my blade of solas prop(look like from skat-trak)
    it's improve handling when i follow the others in course but rev in droping
    maybe have to repitch.

    Have any suggestions? so confuse now...!!

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    take 2mm out of the trailing edge of your prop.

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    Are you running the sc with or without the shims right now??

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    Save the shims until about 10 hours the pressure washers will have lost some of their pressure. Then add a shim.
    Buy metal washers as soon as possible if you are racing in the rough....

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    aha my rxp just got back from the dealer this day and i'm already tested it, the sc clutch work-well and the rev have been pushed back to 7950

    and with the RR thermostat, i can't see any differences but i hope it could help mee in racing course.
    i'm also replaced the new wear-ring in this test , i can feel the prop is slipping (running like burning tires in dragcar)

    now the competition is coming....can't wait ~!!

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