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Thread: Gasket ?

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    Gasket ?

    Does anyone know whats the life span on the head gasket. My 1200r would not turn over. At first I thought it was the battery, but it wasn't,the cyclinders were not moving. So I pulled the head and found # 3 was stuck, and slowly got it to move again. Wondering if its possible the gasket gave out or should I be looking in another place. The cyclinder was completely dried, there was not any oil on it at all.
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    Are you running premix or oil injection? if oil injection check the lines that come from the pump and make sure none are loose. The head gasket should be fine if it has not been removed or the engine has not overheated.

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    It's oil injected. The head has never been removed until last night when I pulled it off. The cyclinder was not bad at all, just put alittle oil around it and bumped the starter a few times and it started moving. It just had what looked liked dried up salt water around the top of it. Will check the oil lines to be sure. Thanks

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