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Thread: Breathalyzer?

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    Searching through Ebay I found this breathalyzer.... just thinking of a fun game with friends... "Who can get over the limit faster" (at home game of course!)

    Anyone have one/ seen one used? Never heard of a personal "put it in your pocket" style of breathalyzer. Sounds like a lawsuit coming on if the thing is innaccurate! What do you guys think? I might slap down 10 bones on one just for fun at home

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    I bought a portable one at the store and the damn thing never worked. But i was sure drunk To me the one i had was a waste of money. let me know if this one works. i like to see how bad my friends get messed up

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    I bought one of those portable one's as well a while back. It worked great. We used it in the manner just as you describe. Anyone found to not be pulling his or her share during the drinking games was punished by being fed a tequilla shot so that they could get with the program. It seemed to be fairly accurate from what I could tell. But then, I dont' really remember...

    Anyway, the only issue is that they are typically made out of a fuel cell type sensor which ages starting from the date of manufacture. They only have about a 2 year life span. It doesn't matter if you use or not. The catalytic substrates just age and stop working. So, that one on eBay may be new in the box, but if it has been sitting in the box over 2 years, it prolly won't work.

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    tried to use one of those one's on the wall at a bar. same reason you all describe, with friendly bets of course. damn thing was out of order! Never did find out who was the most drunk. well, thats not true really, one guy woke up in the bed of his truck in the parking

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    My friends brother bought one biggest waste of money, but he likes, just as much as Lindsay Lohen likes her ankle bracelet. The first weekend he got it, he was flashing it around and telling everyone there is no way he can get drunk, but a couple of hours later he was hammered.

    Tequilla shots, just pass me the bottle. Takes about 500 mL of Vodka in 30 minutes to get myself hammered, not a good idea when tubing down the Guadalupe River.

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    I remember i saw an ipod accessory that plugged into the ipod and was a breathalyser..

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