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    2007 Speedster 150 SCIC impeller pitch

    Probably asked before but, can anyone tell me what the stock impeller diameter and pitch is for this boat.
    My bone stock boat is running 7900+/- rpm , 55-58mph (no gps)depending on conditions.
    I'm trying to figure what Solas impeller to throw on next year, any suggestions? No mods.


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    The stock prop is 10/21, but what makes it hard is that it doesn't directly coorelate when to an aftermarket prop. For example, you'd think if you got an 11/22 pitch prop (if they made one), you'd be going up one step, but it would surely be wildly different than the stock prop. When I had pretty much no mods (except a little 3"-4" intake), I went from the stock prop to a Solas Concord 13/18, and boy did that put a smile on my face. I believe I lost just a smidgoned of top end speed (.1 to .5 mph), but the acceleration was riveting. It pulled HARD, HARD, HARD all the way up through 50. Then I started modding. I had to add a little pitch to it when I got my SC wheel to keep in at 8100. Now I'm adding injectors and an external intercooler, so I'm about to outgrow the prop, and I've got to figure out if I want to go 14/19, or give me a little room to "grow" with a 15/20 down-pitched. I believe your only viable choices with a stock boat are the 13/18 or 11/19, but they tend to recommend the latter for the non-supercharged boats.

    I, in fact, will be parting with my 13/18 in a couple of weeks real cheap, so watch out!

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