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    Talking stock speedo

    hello everyone i just took my ski to the lake 4 the first time since i added the pump seal kit and the intake grate from riva {1300r}. iknow the speedo is way off and i will lose a little on top end with this grate .before my speedo, that i know is wrong would read 73 to 76 mph . gps was 65.3 .gps was a friend of mine . today my ski read on the speedo 63 to 65 mph my question is ,is my ski out of the water more and the speedo is more off then before, or with this intake grate did i loose that much top end ? thanks in advance !

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    dont go by the dreamo go buy a gps first then see and get results from there. to many variables

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    yep, go with the gps .

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