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    I am looking to buy a new GPS unit for my skis. Something thats water proof and has a mount that will work on a rxp/rxt. Any suggestions.

    I keep seeing these guys throw the gps into the storage bin on the ski, and knowing that the gps unit works off of line of sight satellite and tower signals, I am wondering if the unit is spewwing BS or if it actually is working? Thoughts?

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    I put mine in the little glove box under the handlebars. As for it being accurate you will get a better reading with it mounted on the bars, GPS are more accurate with a clear view of the sky, but how much better, I don't know.

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    river guy...

    I just bought a 76 series Garmin and have a glove box that holds it in a pocket on the top of the box itself.... works and looks awesome!!!!

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    This is a good deal. And the local guys around here love em.

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