Holy 250X BATMAN!!!!
Skip's Ultra 250X was AMAZING at the APBA Closed Course Nationals Thsi past weekend, I was told that this Boat just has the R&D Ultra 250X Stage 1 Engine upgrade kit! Man was this thing smokin!! Not only in Skips class in Expert Open but in Pro 1200 Open ridden By Lee Mellville! Lee stayed with the top pack all thru out the race and was hot on the heels of The 4th,5th,and 6th place guys! If he would have gotten a little better start he would hev prob finished around 5th or maybe better! He was riding the stock hull not the lightweight hulls like all the others. MAN was this boat flyin! I am not sure overall where Lee finished but I do know it was simply SWEET! Great job to Bill Chapin,Lee,Skip, And Chris Macc for putting on an INCREDIBLE show!

I know which direction Im heading in the off season!!