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    finger throttles - but how about?

    Has anyone ever put a twist-grip throttle on their ski?
    or does the water and chances of corrosion make this a bad idea?

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    I've thought about it too since it seems more natural after years on motorcycles. After reading up on it the consensus is that it was a bad idea. Seems harder to maintain a throttle position when that hand is also holding onto a ski. Probably wouldn't be a problem on smooth waters, but I can see how it would complicate things in rougher conditions.

    Also, I know on my TL1000R I'm not as aggressive with the throttle. On the ski I've got the throttle all over the place, from idle to full throttle and back again. On a 1/4 or 1/5 turn twist throttle things might get uncomfortable trying to use that full range so often.
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    Imagine if you will, WOT, wrist bent down. Violent landing, or unexpected wave. Ouch....

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