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    any pipe fitters/plumbers out here?

    How strong is solder. I bought a basic kit from Home depot to fool around with a mod. I made sure everything was clean and prepped, the only part making contact is the taper on the fitting where it sits in the tube/hole. How strong is this?
    I couldn`t twist it off with a socket, but I didn`t go mazzo either...PR...
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    Is that a water filter of some sort? Solder should hold fine.Use plenty of flux while doing so.

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    That looks pretty good. Just like woody said use lots of flux dont be shy with it.

    Heat from the bottom of the fitting up that way the heat wraps around the pipe .Add solder to the top of the fitting (when its laying horizontal) untill it drips once from the bottom. (These are the 2 most important parts) Always clean the joints with sand paper really good and add generous amount of flux. Also dont over heat the fitting if the copper is blue after the soldering then you over heated it and the metal is slighly weaker then it was before.

    Hope this helps.

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    We use soldered copper pipe for our compressed air system at work. The one I installed 5+ years ago was good as new until we moved out. That's running 120 psi 24/7.

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    I have used silver solder on hydraulic pressure tubing, 2,500+ psi, but the tubing is seamless steel.

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    that`s the stock intercooler, it had damaged hose barbs... I`m trying dif things, would have been nice to tap those holes 1/2 npt for AN fittings...
    weel see, I haven`t finished yet...

    the water pressure could reach 50-60psi...don`t want that suckercoming apart during a WOT run ...PR...

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