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    Anyone around St. Louis?

    Hey everyone.

    Im in a jam. I have two 95 750's, ones a SL and ones a SLT. My SL never has run, the engine is in pieces and Im looking at it as a parts machine. My SLT did run. Then I did my idiot move and launched it without the drain plug. It didnt sink but did take in some water. I tipped it over on the bank and cranked it with the plugs out until it stopped spitting water out. Ive been working on it trying to get it going and get everything dried out. My most obvious problem is that there isnt any spark. I was messing with it and it started spitting milk back at me again from the front cylinder, Ive been spraying WD-40 in the cylinders regularly to try and keep them lubed. I did some multimeter tests and found that one of the coils tests bad and the exciter coil tests bad. As I said, I have a complete machine sitting there with everything there. my problem is I dont know enough about them to take it apart and try to fix it. I dont have a garage to work on this stuff. Is there anyone around St. Louis that would be interested in giving me a hand getting this going. Otherwise my only other option is to sell both which I really dont want to do but would rather that than let them sit and get beyond repair.


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    Did you split the electric box and make sure there is no water in it? Coils can be take from the part machine and put in the SLT, if the problem is indeed the coil.

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    I have the box apart now. it was dry as a bone.

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