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    These have got to be some of the funniest....

    Sorry, Not good...I removed them. Thanks! and sorry.

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    Nobody like em?? I thought they were good...

    maybe not...

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    I watched a few of them...but to be honest, I thought the "lumpkin" one was really cruel.

    I have a sense of humor about almost anything...but seeing someone talk like that to a sweet elderly woman was disturbing. If someone spoke to my grandmother like that with me present, it would take them a month to shit my foot out because it would be broken off in their ass.

    Maybe I'm being overly sensitive here, but it really chaps me to see people being mean to elders and animals...especially (as in this case) they are unable to defend themselves.

    No flame intended, each his/her own.

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    I agree, I would never do anything like that or do I agree with it because I dont....but it is kind of funny....maybe not...I will remove them...sorry to everyone.

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    nah man, dont remove them. Like I each his own!

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    i saw some of them...i think i missed that one and got a good laugh especally about the continates

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