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    well looks like I may need a set of cases 01 GP1200R

    I was cleaning everything up today gettting ready to install all the new parts when I saw some pushed out cracks on the upper case. Not sure if I could just get away with the upper one (not sure if its ok to seperate a pair) but if anyone has them laying around let me know. Thanx. Also if I come across some from a 1300R how hard is it to put the pulse fittings in them?

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    Take some pictures. Maybe you can get it welded. If you do need new cases, You need to buy both halfs since they are matched and unique.

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    they could def. be welded, what does something like that cost to get done.

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    outta curiosity what are you welding them with, are you tig welding them?? They are cast aluminum correct? All our migs at work I think are little big for something like this. I work on the road crew as an iron worker hangin steel but I could prolly have someone in the shop weld it.

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    anybody on how to go about welding it???

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    I don't know if I woudl be comfortable MIGging it, spatter goes everywhere and not too precise.

    TIG would be the best bet, but if you can get it sealed, go for it.

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    with a propane torch

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    where r u located?? I have access to a tig

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