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Thread: Ultra Got Sunk

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    Ultra Got Sunk

    I let my friend ride my 250. He went up river with my other friend who also has a 250. They were gone longer than expected and it was starting to get dark. I jumped on my Ultra 150 to look for them. When I spotted them my 250 was under water and they were trieing to get it to the side of the river. He flipped it and it sunk. So all three of us were able to tilt it on its side and drain as much water out of it till it was able to float. I then towed it a few miles back to the boat ramp and trailered it. What should I do to get it started?

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    pull the spark plugs NOW and make sure there is no water in cylinders,try to get it fired after getting all the water out of the cylinders, if there is any,if it fires change the oil a few times, its important to get the water out of the engine as sson as possilbly, because it strarts rusting immediately.

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    Un-friend your friend.

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    I learn my lesson not to let anyone ride my jetski. The last time someone rode on it. They had damage the pump. Check out skip's write up.

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