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    Question 2000 Virage strange starting problem

    My 2000 Virage with 130 hrs has developed a strange starting problem.

    The watercraft always starts when it is cold. After driving it and stopping,the start button doesn't respond. When removing the safety lanyard ,the start button will work and the start turns the engine over. After replacing the lanyard, the starter button does nothing. Leave it sit for 20-30 minutes, the starter button works fine and this same thing repeats.
    Any help with this problem would greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Look under "domestic electrical" in this section. There was a TSB about this problem. You need to move the red/purple wire in the electrical box to the orange terminal. Basically, the CDI thinks the engine is still running, so it won't allow the engine to "restart". The orange terminal has a switched 12v source, which powers down the CDI when the engine is off.

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    Yes thats excatly the the solution as I just spent ONE MONTH figuring it out. I needed a new CDI box, but it needs to be wired a new way even if its from polaris and its brand new. You dont know how many times I had to tow my machine in before I fixed it, but with this sites help I'm rocking and rollin now.

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