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    my SL needs "Encouragement" Wiring or fuel? please help

    POlaris SL 750 troubles....I'll try to make a long story short. after starting 4 times today the machine sat for 30 minutes. Tried to start and no go. plently of fuel, tested spark and none!. sprayed starting fluid="encouragement" and she finally fired to life. when I checked the plugs they were drenched. I think the plugs fowled out? but this is intermittent.

    ALso- the gauge cluster reads Lopwr and it has anew battery. I tried to reset trick I found here on the board and I still get lowpr. No fuel reading, no speedo and no oil level. just the clock. DOes this factor into the above problem. It does have a new battery and turns over super fast.

    The thing is when this machine gets on the water it flys it is ablast to drive. since I dont have alot of experence I don tknow how it is suppose to perform but again no complaints here. She does run a bit rough I guess.

    The history is last year the previous family did some "re-wiring" the ground fryed on the stator. They fixed it and put in a new CDI box and the machine did run out fine. THey they too had the same hard starting issue but they did not use "encouragement". They gave up and I bought it from them and took it to a shop and the stator tested fine but they could get no spark.They did a stator test too and it was fine. They did not want to dig into it so they sent me home with it. I gave it one try with fresh gas and some isopropol and a little starting fluid and she fired after sitting for over a year. It was properly flogged prior to storage. I took it to the lake and drove it for over an hour.

    Today she fired up fine but again ever once in a while we get no spark it seems and the machine needs that encouragement.

    ANy thoughts? -thanks,. Jake
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    what ski is it??

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    Welcome to the Hulk. Please specifiy the machine when you have a Q. The stator would be suspect if it melted once and was repaired. Also check the coil resistence. Look for poor ground wire connections. And the MFD display or lack of, may tell you something isn't correct inside the elec box. Maybe the rectifier/regulator is failing? Esp if there was a previous meltdown. Was there water present inside the elec. box?

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    it is a Polaris SL 750
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    I tried unplugging the Speedo gauge today entirely to reset and I still get a LOPR reading even with the new battery. I have previously tried to resto steps. the things starts fine in the garage and most of the time on the water, but every once in a while it still will have no spark and it leaves me stranded and will need "encouragement and a lucky charm. . and TO date I have never gotten the speedo to read or the fuel /oil levels to read. just a bunch or ZEROS with Low PR reading. thoughts?

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    Time to ohm test the stator and coils. Maybe look into getting your MFD repaired if the stator and coils test good. Make sure you have no loose connections. Esp. the ground wires and cable.

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