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    my spx is slower top speed now.....why!!!?

    why is the top end of my 97 spx 787 way slower? off line performance is the same but top end is way down. against my buddys ski,i would always be about 6-8 lengths ahead but now im that much behind.the only thing ive done is cleaned the raves a few days ago,but they check ok.oh and the VTS died used to just pop fuses but now it doesnt pop the fuses and it just doesnt work.any ideas?

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    I would check your work it sounds like your rave arent opening or you blew a bellows off.

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    thanks for the reply. thats what i thought but i took them apart again to check them.they were perfect. so we raced again and again and he was consistently beating me where i used to smoke i said, i still have the hole shot big time but then he is all over me and gone by like 8 boat lengths. the only thing i can think of is that i did mess around with springs under the rave caps a bit.i kinda stretched them a bit. would this make a difference that big?

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    well now u need to buy 2 new springs lolthey are set to open an close u stretched them its harder to open now

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