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Thread: 2008 Fx Sho $$$

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    2008 Fx Sho $$$

    Has anyone been quoted any prices from their local dealers yet? just wanted to see if anyone was deal'n yet???????


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    msrp only in tennessee

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    I look at it this way, if the dealer wont deal he can lose the ski sale, sale of accessories, and repeat business or he can deal and make money off of me coming back and buying things for years. There will be plenty of dealers willing to come down a bit so dont be afraid to walk.

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    With people loosing their houses here in Michigan right and left, you can believe they're going to have to deal on any ski.

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    The dealer here in Florida where I am getting my RXP-X and FX SHO from is knocking hundreds off MSRP and isn't adding on freight or dealer fees to the price. Anyone wanting more info, please email me at below address. Please don't use PM's as the box fills up too quickly.


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