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    Smile Yamaha GP800R Question?

    My name is Amy and I'm new to this forum and new to the "personal watercraft" world.
    My fiance and I are interested in purchasing a personal watercraft, and we've found a 2001 Yamaha GP800R for 4,000 and I'm just wanting to know if that is a good deal or not.
    It has a few scuffs, and nicks but nothing that can't be fixed (said by the owner). It has 79 hours of ride time and comes with a 2001 trailor.
    My next concern is my fiance found a rock in the "intake" but the "impeller" looked okay, no substantial damage done. A few of the decals need to be replaced due to "cleaner". The guy who is selling it said he used a motorcycle de-greaser on the decals and it was almost like it just ate through them. The bottom of the watercraft is scratched up, due to his son not getting the trailor far enough into the water.

    So, theres my overview if anyone has any suggestion, concerns, answers that would be great!

    Thanks a lot everyone!

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    My advice is to do a compression check to make sure the motor is still strong. This model has powervalves which can fail and cause damage to the motor. There is a relatively cheap aftermarket fix for this available. I don't know what the blue book value is for this model, but I would not pay top dollar for it based on your description.

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    Welcome to the forum !

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    IMO $4,000 is a bit steep for an 800r in any condition. If you're willing to spend $4k, you can shop around to a more powerful gp1200r or even a gp1300r for alittle more.

    Pricing the way i see it is:
    800r's in the $2k's
    1200r's in the $3k's (stock)
    03 1300r in the $4k's(stock)
    04 and higher add another $1k-$1.5K for each year newer.

    I have an 03 I havent used in a year(been mothballed since i got the 06.)It has 165 hours I believe. Hours can be deceiving, I have 96 hours on my 06 already. Some people just ride alot, 4-5 hours a day on the clock.

    As was mentioned earlier, a compression tester is your best friend when buying a ski used. Hours always aren't important as long as the engine is strong.As far as the rock in the intake. Take the grate off(10mm socket) and feel your hand on the impeller blades for dents and along wear ring for gouges.

    If i were to sell the 03. I'd be looking to get $4500(neg.) with 2003 trailer and cover.

    With the money you're willing to spend. I'd shop around for something bigger(engine) But, if you deceide to go with this guys 800r, I'd start my offer at $2500-going to a high of $2800.
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    Amy,first of all,$4k for a 01' 800R is too much.Second of all,it sounds like it has not been taken care of all that well from your discription.In the $4500.00 range,you can get a 1200R with alot more power than the 800 in better condition IMO.

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    totally... I would never do that... also by how you worded it, it sounds like everyone is saying not in good condition.. my advice is, ( i dont no how long you guys have been searching for a ski ) but look on ebay, if you ebay.. because I've seen skis go on ebay for like 4k and is pre-modded... that you never really have to by performance parts for it. and just around like craigslist, search google...etc.

    Also post pics or whatever on here if you have them... and we can tell you if its a good deal or if nots.

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